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After you hire us, we will visit the site to conduct discovery and begin to model the site with our 3D software. We'll ask you preliminary questions, establish the scope of work, discuss budget and generally kick the project off on the right foot. 


Schematic design

Snapshot from our 3D modeling program

We treat design as an iterative process. We have found that the best architectural solutions generally present themselves over time as we create different options for you to review. After feeding back to us about initial options, we continue to refine more options as we get closer to achieving the overall vision. During this phase, we want to do our absolute best to investigate and rule out all options. As a note, we create 3D models of everything. You can quickly get a good sense for the relationship between spaces by viewing 3D snapshots or "walking through" the 3D model we create.

Design development

After selecting the schematic option that works best for you, we'll further the process by adding material and color and texture to the building. This is the stage where we begin to iron out the details of the architecture and zero in on the final form. We'll nail down the roof lines, building elevations and items such as kitchen layout during this time.


Construction documents

In this phase of the process, we are wrapping up important construction details that will ensure your project runs smoothly. We are very familiar with what cities or towns require to issue a permit for your building project. We put a lot of emphasis on submitting drawings that answer contractor questions before they come up on site, saving you time and money.



Submitting and acquiring building permit and other necessary approvals for the construction of your project.



The final phase of our involvement. We work with the contractor to answer questions and solve problems. We visit the site on your behalf to make sure construction is proceeding as intended.