Just getting construction started in November 2018, this ultra-efficient 1,750 square foot house was designed to be a net zero or even net positive house for the 21st century. Imagine owning a house that - through a combination of using drastically less energy and actively generating energy via solar panels - produces enough energy to zero out your carbon footprint while powering your electric car!

It can be done, and we are planning on leading the way to make this a reality. As with all our passive house projects we begin with smart orientation and architectural strategies, a commitment to an all-electric house, excellent insulation and airtight construction. Then we put energy saving windows, ventilation systems (in this case, the CERV) and products into the house. Finally, we add solar to the roof in order to offset our electric use and bank electricity to charge the car.

The design itself is also efficient. With three beds, 2 baths, an office overlooking the dining room and a generous kitchen, the house will live much larger than the footprint might indicate. Special attention was paid to the indoor/outdoor quality of the main floor. Floor to ceiling glass and french doors that open out to the patio effectively increase the area of usable space. A shade device over the patio will offer cover for the warm SLC summer months.