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Net Zero Provo House


Case Study: Breezeway House


ECO Living featuring the Ruby House
Book by Chris van Uffelen | Braun Publishing


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"Architect's Choice"


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Recreating the American Home featuring the Breezeway House
Book by Mary James, 2010


Chesapeake Home & Living - Sept. 2010

Energy efficient, sustainable, housing means different things to different people. To some, it provides a way to live self sufficiently—off the grid. To others, it suggests a way to strike a balance with the natural environment. And yet to others, it offers the chance to watch the utility meter run in reverse and get paid by the utility company! But for the most part, the products and systems associated with sustainable housing come with price tags that sour the notion of building green. Now a green building standard called Passive House makes it possible to meet these expectations and more at a cost affordable to almost anyone in the market to build a custom home.

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USA Today - April 2010


Deseret News - May 2010