Accessory Dwelling Units


What Are They?

 Brach Design ADU. Construction photo from August 2018

Brach Design ADU. Construction photo from August 2018

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are permitted in residential zones of Salt Lake City

  • Separate dwelling units that can be added to existing housing stock to provide more housing in established neighborhoods

  • Must be smaller in size than the principal dwelling unit both in square footage and height

  • Can be separate structures (think apartment over the garage) or can be located in the existing house

  • Require an additional off-street parking space unless located 1/4 mile of fixed transit stop

Why Add an ADU?

 Accessory Dwelling Unit schematic option

Accessory Dwelling Unit schematic option

  • Expand housing options for relatives. Examples include: aging parents you'd like to be closer to, children who want their own space or who are returning home

  • Increase income potential of your property (i.e. rent ADU or rent principal dwelling)

  • Increase the value of your property. 2 dwelling units more valuable than 1

Brach Design Can Help

Brach Design has designed ADUs and helped decipher all the rules and regulations around their design. Designing an ADU is much like designing a house, although it helps to work with an architect who has been there and done that. With our help, you can invest in your own property to increase value and income, a long-term investment with a great return and future freedom.

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